Dimetrious was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri on April 12, 1979. He was basically raised solely by his mother, due to the lack of a stern father figure. After tumultuous teen adolescence and two children produced, Dimetrious moved to Columbia, Missouri, in his family’s attempt to curve his lifestyle. Soon thereafter Dimetrious misguided decisions caught up with him, and at the age of eighteen (18), he was apprehended for drug possession and sentenced to seven years in prison.

This unforeseen and catastrophic loss of freedom ended up being a blessing in disguise for Dimetrious. Utilizing his time wisely, Dimetrious obtained his G.E.D and formulated a plan to get his life on the right track.

Emerging from prison with a new found perspective, Dimetrious, with the help of his family, opened Tint Crafters and then Motivated Fashions, which both go on to become premier businesses in Columbia, Missouri. By this time, Dimetrious would have five children, and one was born after his incarceration. Although Dimetrious has relinquished control of his businesses, he has used his time of incarceration productively, building in his life: mentally, emotionally and within his relationships, especially with his children.

Today Dimetrious can clearly see his error in judgment. Regardless, of how he perceived things then, he now understands that even if he did not know there were drugs in the car, he should’ve never been in the car with a convicted drug offender.

Due to the Missouri Parole Board’s trust placed upon Dimetrious, he was released and granted Parole March 23, 2018. Since being released, Dimetrious has Overwhelmingly up-held his end of the bargain of Trust placed upon him. He has maintained Full-Time Employment since being released, has kept current with ALL of his Parole Fee’s, been a viable source of support for his family & children. Dimetrious is revered as, “The Best Client,” by his Parole Officer. Dimetrious has many goals & aspirations he would like to pursue & achieve i.e… Community Advocation, Business & Real Estate Investments etc… With your help of interest & commitment of spreading this message, would be of Great Appreciation.

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